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Leonid Rozhetskin is back in good old Europe

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Leonid Borissowitsch Roschezkin (auch: Rozhetskin; russisch Леонид Борисович Рожецкин; * 4. August 1966 in Leningrad, Sowjetunion) ist ein russischer Unternehmer, Jurist und Finanzier. Er betreibt die Produktionsfirma L+E Productions in Los Angeles, USA.

Biographie [Bearbeiten]

Rozhetskins Familie emmigrierte 1980 in die USA nach New York, wo er auch zur High School ging. 1987 beendete Leonid Rozhetskin sein Studium an der Universität von Columbia mit einem Bachelor in angewanter Mathematik. 1990 schloss er sein Jura-Studium an der Harvard Law School mit einem suma com laude ab.

1990 bis 1991 arbeitete Leonid Rozhetskin als juristischer Angestellter für den Bundesrichter Sephen S. Wilson in Los Angeles, Californien, USA. 1992 bis 1994 war er bei den Kanzleien Sullivan & Cromwell und White & Case angestellt. 1992 ging Leonid Rozhetskin zurück nach Russland, um seine eigene Kanzlei zu eröffnen. Er vertrat Kunden wie Credit Suisse, Morgan Grenfell, die Moscow Times oder die International Finance Corporation (eine Abteilung der Weltbank).

1995 wechselte Leonid Rozhetskin in die Investment-Branche und gründete die Investmentbank Renaissance Capital.

1998 verließ er Renaissance Capital und wurde Mitbegründer der Risiko-Kapital Bank LV Finance. Zu seinen Kunden gehörten unter anderem der Financier George Soros und der Gründer von CNN Ted Turner. Das Unternehmern investierte in mehrere erfolgreiche StartUp Unternehmen, von denen das bekannteste die MegaFon-Gruppe ist, der drittgrößte Mobilfunk Anbieter Russlands. Seine Anteile an LV Finance hat Leonid Rozhetskin inzwischen verkauft.

Von 2001 bis 2005 war Leonid Rozhetskin Vize-Vorstandschef von Norilsk Nickel, Russlands größter Minengesellschaft. Seine Aufgabenbereiche waren Transparenz, externe Investitionen und Corporate Governance. Unter anderem investierte er in die Stillwater Mining Company (USA) und Gold Fields (Südafrika). Heute arbeitet er im Aufsichtsrat weiter.

Nebenbei ist Leonid Rozhetskin noch Anteilseigner der gratis Tageszeitung City A.M. in London. Die Zeitung behandelt hauptsächlich lokale und globale Business-Nachrichten und hat ca. 100.000 Leser in ganz London.

2007 gründete Rozhetskin zusammen mit Eric Eisner die Film Produktionsfirma –L+E Productions. Der erste Film Hamlet 2 erschien 2008 und wurde vom Sundace Film Festival in Utha, USA ausgezeichnet. Die Weiterverwertungsrechte wurden inzwischen für 10 Mio. Dollar an den Verlag Focus Features abgetreten. Die Filme „Three Woloves“ und „Electric Slide” sollen bald erscheinen.

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Leonid Rozhetskins Hamlet 2 on Wikipedia

Everything needs a Wiki Entry, here goes Hamlet 2:

Hamlet 2

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hamlet 2
Produced by Eric Eisner
Leonid Rozhetskin
Aaron Ryder
Written by Andrew Fleming
Pam Brady
Starring Steve Coogan
Catherine Keener
Amy Poehler
David Arquette
Music by Ralph Sall
Cinematography Alexander Gruszynski
Editing by Jeff Freeman
Distributed by Focus Features
Release date(s) TBA
Country United States
Language English
Budget $9 million
All Movie Guide profile
IMDb profile

Hamlet 2 is an upcoming comedy film directed by Andrew Fleming and starring Steve Coogan, Catherine Keener, Amy Poehler, and David Arquette. It was filmed primarily at a high school in New Mexico from September 2007 to October 2007. The film premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival and will be distributed by Focus Features. A release date has yet to be announced.





[edit] Premise

A high school is removing its drama department, but a drama teacher (Coogan) writes a sequel to the Shakespeare play Hamlet to save the department.[1]

[edit] Production

Screenwriters Andrew Fleming and Pam Brady began writing the script in 2003, but they incorporated the Shakespeare play Hamlet into the premise later on. The play shown within the film was written on deadline for production.[2] The film was budgeted at a little over $9 million.[3] Production began in September 2007 in New Mexico.[4] Filming took place mainly at West Mesa High School in Albuquerque, where actual students were permitted to perform as extras in the film.[5] Filming concluded on Halloween, October 31, 2007.[6] The film was executive produced by Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa, who also produced Little Miss Sunshine.[3]

[edit] Cast

[edit] Release

A rough edit of Hamlet 2 was prepared for the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, where it was a late addition, three days before its scheduled screening.[3] The film premiered at the festival on January 21, 2008. After the screening, an all-night bidding war took place for rights to distribution, which Focus Features won for $10 million, acquiring worldwide rights to the film.[1] The purchase of Hamlet 2 nearly broke the Sundance Film Festival record set by Little Miss Sunshine, which sold for $10.5 million in 2006.[3]

[edit] Critical reaction

Duane Byrge of The Hollywood Reporter described Hamlet 2 as “a slam-bang patchwork of more inspired comedies, such as Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Borat“. Byrge described the premise as “a twist on the formula of let’s-put-on-a-show, with the twist being that no one wants the show”. He thought that the screenwriters had put together “a string of gags in a hit-and-miss dither”.[8]

Edward Douglas of described Hamlet 2 as “outrageously funny but it does require a certain type of sense of humor and the ability to laugh at very odd behavior and situations”. Douglas thought that Coogan played his character over-the-top, but found that through the film, “you really start to love him”. He described the premise as “ludricous” but said, “Sometimes, you just have to turn off your brain and allow yourself to laugh.”[9]

The New York Times noted of the film, “It made sure to take shots at Christians, gays, Latinos, Jews, the American Civil Liberties Union and Elisabeth Shue, one of its lead actresses.”[2]

[edit] References


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