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The Media Critic on Hamlet2, coproduced by Leonid Rozhetskin

Focus Features Acquires Hamlet 2

Written by on January 22, 2008 – 2:35 pm

Focus Features has acquired worldwide rights to Andrew Fleming’s comedy Hamlet 2, a world premiere at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Focus Features CEO James Schamus and president Andrew Karpen made the announcement today.
Directed by Andrew Fleming (Dick, Threesome) from an original screenplay he wrote with Pam Brady (”South Park,” Team America: World Police), Hamlet 2 is produced by L+E Pictures’ Eric Eisner & Leonid Rozhetskin and Aaron Ryder (Memento, The Prestige). The movie was executive-produced by Bona Fide partners Albert Berger & Ron Yerxa (Election).

In the irreverent comedy, a failed actor-turned-worse-high-school-drama teacher (Steve Coogan of Night at the Museum) rallies his Tucson, AZ students as he conceives and stages a politically incorrect musical sequel to Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” The film also stars David Arquette (the “Scream” movies), Melonie Diaz (soon to be seen in Be Kind Rewind), two-time Academy Award nominee Catherine Keener, Amy Poehler (”Saturday Night Live”), and Elisabeth Shue as herself.

Schamus and Karpen commented, “Andrew Fleming and an extraordinary filmmaking team have brought everyone at Focus an amazing New Year’s present. We can’t wait to share this riotously inventive movie with the whole world.”

Eisner said, “We’re extremely excited to work with the talented Focus group on ‘Hamlet 2,’ and we look forward to a bright future for the movie after what was an exceptional response at Sundance.”

Rozhetskin added, “‘Hamlet 2? is the most auspicious imaginable launch for L+E Pictures.”

L+E Pictures was formed in 2007 by Eisner and Rozhetskin with a mission to finance and develop feature-length films. L+E Pictures provides equity financing for films with budgets in the range of $5 to $30 million dollars.

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Leonid Rozhetskin on Hamlet2 via

Sundance, Day 7:

Why Hamlet 2 Is Hot, Hot, Hot

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Hamlet 2

Finally, there’s a huge sale at Sundance. Hamlet 2 is a satirical comedy about a failed actor turned high school teacher (Steve Coogan) who stages a musical sequel to Hamlet. And it screened so well that Focus Features snapped it up for $10 million. That’s the second-biggest sale in history, the first being Little Miss Sunshine.

So, what are the ingredients to the most appetizing Sundance spread?

1. Set the Table with Mickey Mouse-Themed Place Mats! Hamlet 2 producer Eric Eisner has a dad named Michael Eisner. You might have heard of Michael? He worked for some company called Disney or something. Anyway, Eisner didn’t make the deadline for Sundance. But he used his pull to secure a last-second screening of the rough cut so that the film could be shown. Well done, Eric.

2. Break Open a Bottle of Superexpensive 1787 Château Lafite! Hamlet 2 is classy. Even common folk moviegoers will hear the title and think, Dang, Shakespeare, that’s probably good.

3. Open Up a Box of Twinkies! Hamlet 2 sends up Dangerous Minds. Phew. It’s not all about Shakespeare.

4. Garnish with Eight Packs of NutraSweet! Everyone at Focus should send a fruit basket as a gesture of gratitude to Paris Hilton. The reformed party girl has been ditzing about, helping remind buyers we need Shakespearean-themed entertainment to distract us from, well, Paris.

5. Laugh So Hard That You Spit the Wine All over the Twinkies! Hamlet 2 star Elisabeth Shue had this to say to the New York Times: “I just got the script and it said, ‘A famous actress who’s a has-been, lives in Tucson and is a nurse.’ I had to do it.” Ha.

6. Light Estrogen-Scented Candles! Catherine Keener costars, which is reason enough to think seriously about buying or seeing any movie. Plus, Hamlet 2 is cowritten by South Park vet Pam Brady. And while less than 30 percent of the WGA is women, fortysomething percent of this year’s Oscar-nominated screenwriters are women. Neat!

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Leonid Rozhetskin is happy – Hamlet 2 Sells After All-Night Bidding War


‘Hamlet 2′ Sells After All-Night Bidding War


The cast of “Hamlet 2.” (Credit: Getty Images)

This just in: After receiving an uproarious reaction from crowds last night, “Hamlet 2” provoked the first major bidding war of the festival. After an all-night battle, the film sold early this morning, according to producer Eric Eisner who only arrived home at 7:30 a.m.

The comedy, which stars Steve Coogan as a failed actor turned high school drama teacher, tells the unpredictable, charmingly offensive tale of a high school drama class that stages a sequel to Hamlet. The film is complete with time machines and a modern-day version of Jesus Christ — with sex appeal and a cell phone

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Leonid Rozhetskin is excited – Bidding for Hamlet Gets Off to a Start


Bidding for Hamlet Gets Off to a Start

After “Hamlet 2” premiered tonight, every major distributor, from The Weinstein Co. to Focus Features, huddled outside the theater in the cold, discussing plans and trying to decide whether to make a bid. Harvey Weinstein declined to comment on his plans, talking to two friends outside the theater.

But all signs point to a late-night bidding war tonight.

John Lyons of Focus Features huddled with the company’s acquisition team outside the Library theater, discussing the film — specifically the line: “I was raped in the face” — and their plans to bid.

“This is finally the hit that everyone’s been waiting for — it’s wickedly smart and funny,” Mr. Lyons said after the huddle. “It’s the hit of the festival — this is it.”

The bidding war will begin tonight and may last until dawn if the offers are well received. It may be the only major bidding war of this year’s festival, which has been unusually quiet in terms of deals. CAA is representing the film.

The other major picture open for bids tonight is “Choke,” which premieres later in the evening. Top distributors say they will attend that screening, as well. It will be one of the final big premieres of the festival, as many of the executives are flying out tomorrow


Sundance Review on Leonid Rozhetskins Hamlet2



Director(s): Andy Fleming

Screenwriter(s): Andy Fleming, Pam Brady

Executive Producers: Albert Berger, Ron Yerxa, Michael Flynn
Producers: Eric Eisner, Leonid Rozhetskin, Aaron Ryder
Cinematographer: Alexander Gruszynski
Editor: Jeff Freeman
Production Designer: Anthony Fanning
Costume Designer: Jill Newell

Hamlet 2 is a late addition to the Premiere lineup for the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, but who could resist a hilarious new film that features the incredible talents of British comic actor Steve Coogan. Even in rough cut, it was clear that all the elements were present to make the world premiere at Sundance a moment to remember. Lucky audiences will unearth a comedic gem and in turn discover a very talented director in Andy Fleming.

The film is mostly set in a high school, and there are musical numbers, but any resemblance to the High School Musical franchise stops here. Irreverently zany and at times pushing the envelope of political correctness to its max, Fleming steers an all-star cast that ricochets easily between delicious dialogue and insane situations. He is not afraid of a few sight gags, either.

The plot revolves around an ex-actor, ex-user, relentless dreamer, and sometimes-delusional high school teacher played by Coogan. He has just mounted one of his infamous screen-to-stage productions—this time it’s Erin Brockovich—but the reviews aren’t all that he hoped for. When his students rebel and his job is threatened by budget cuts, he is forced to kick ambition into high gear and shoot for his ultimate dream: staging an original production of Hamlet 2, a sequel to Shakespeare’s classic. Enough for setup?—let’s just say the film takes many a twist and turn, and the finale is definitely worth the wait.

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Presentation by Leonid Rozhetskin

24.02.2003 Presentation by Leonid Rozhetskin, Deputy Chairmain of the Management Board at BMO Nesbitt Burns Natural Resources Conference in Tampa (Florida) on February 24, 2003
Download Скачать файл, 884KB
20.01.2003 Presentation by Leonid Rozhetskin, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board at UBS Conference “Giants of Global Emerging Markets” in London
Download Скачать файл, 969KB

Leonid Rozhetskin Champion Chess Player

To the right of Earl the person, is yours truly. Next we have second board SM Jeremy Barth, then NM Simon Yelsky (I think he went to Joel Benjamin’s high school and we nicknamed him “Old Yeller” for no reason) and finally Leonid Rozhetskin. We were the highest rated in the 1985 version, but as the article points out, “one of our players was so convinced he had a winning game he hallucinated a piece away.” Well, that player was me and my bungle was versus University of Florida’s Miles Ardaman. But any press is good press, right? Right.The Fabulous 80s: Columbia U fails to repeat in the 1985 Pan-Am

January 8, 2008 by nezhmet

Here’s a funny picture from the Columbia University’s “Daily” newspaper reporting on the Columbia squad’s failure in the 1985 event, held in New Brunswick, NJ (Rutgers U. home town). Click to enlarge.


Man or Building?

The first thing to note: the player on the left, Earl Hall, had the same name as a Columbia University building! I kid you not. “Earl Hall” on campus had a lot of chaplain events. Earl the person was a monster third board and a very strong player (Senior Master strength) who helped us win the 1984 event in Kitchener, Ontario (side note: I recently found the winners page – showing all historical Pan-Am winners). There have been very few Pan-Am’s outside the USA and Columbia took gold in 1984!
And on an unrelated 1980s matter, here are some 1980s photographs.


This was the August 1985 Eeklo, Belgium prizegiving. From left: IM Jan Adamski (POL), IM Gabor Pirisi (HUN), and me. Pirisi has an odd-looking trophy! I was lucky enough to defeat Pirisi in short-order in the IM round-robin as black when he played too riskily versus a Sicilian Scheveningen. Note the 1980’s hair style and glasses. I don’t know who took this photograph.


Moving back a year to Lugano, Switzerland 1984, we have Tatiana Lematchko (WGM, Bulgaria) on the left battling future WC Candidate Hungarian GM Gyula Sax.  Photo by intrepid Frenchwoman Catherine Jaeg.