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Ramiro Miqueli; InterTransfers Profile

Intertransfers Cards, Inc

261 Ne 1st St Fl 1, Miami, FL 33132-2515, United States (Map) (Add Company Info)

Phone: (305) 537-5500

SIC:Business Services, NEC

Line of Business:Business Services

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Detailed Intertransfers Cards, Inc Company Profile

This company profile is for the private company Intertransfers Cards, Inc, headquarters located in Miami, FL. Intertransfers Cards, Inc’s line of business is business services.


Company Profile: Intertransfers Cards, Inc


Year Started:2001

State of Incorporation:FL


Location Type:Headquarters

Stock Symbol:N/A

Stock Exchange:N/A

Also Does Business As:N/A


SIC #Code:7389

Est. Annual Sales:$6,304,506

Est. Employees:49

Est. Employees at Location:41

Contact Name:Ramiro Miqueli

Contact Title:President & Chief Executive Officer

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