Leonid Rozhetskin is happy – Hamlet 2 Sells After All-Night Bidding War


‘Hamlet 2′ Sells After All-Night Bidding War


The cast of “Hamlet 2.” (Credit: Getty Images)

This just in: After receiving an uproarious reaction from crowds last night, “Hamlet 2” provoked the first major bidding war of the festival. After an all-night battle, the film sold early this morning, according to producer Eric Eisner who only arrived home at 7:30 a.m.

The comedy, which stars Steve Coogan as a failed actor turned high school drama teacher, tells the unpredictable, charmingly offensive tale of a high school drama class that stages a sequel to Hamlet. The film is complete with time machines and a modern-day version of Jesus Christ — with sex appeal and a cell phone

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