Leonid Rozhetskin is excited – Bidding for Hamlet Gets Off to a Start


Bidding for Hamlet Gets Off to a Start

After “Hamlet 2” premiered tonight, every major distributor, from The Weinstein Co. to Focus Features, huddled outside the theater in the cold, discussing plans and trying to decide whether to make a bid. Harvey Weinstein declined to comment on his plans, talking to two friends outside the theater.

But all signs point to a late-night bidding war tonight.

John Lyons of Focus Features huddled with the company’s acquisition team outside the Library theater, discussing the film — specifically the line: “I was raped in the face” — and their plans to bid.

“This is finally the hit that everyone’s been waiting for — it’s wickedly smart and funny,” Mr. Lyons said after the huddle. “It’s the hit of the festival — this is it.”

The bidding war will begin tonight and may last until dawn if the offers are well received. It may be the only major bidding war of this year’s festival, which has been unusually quiet in terms of deals. CAA is representing the film.

The other major picture open for bids tonight is “Choke,” which premieres later in the evening. Top distributors say they will attend that screening, as well. It will be one of the final big premieres of the festival, as many of the executives are flying out tomorrow


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