Sundance Review on Leonid Rozhetskins Hamlet2



Director(s): Andy Fleming

Screenwriter(s): Andy Fleming, Pam Brady

Executive Producers: Albert Berger, Ron Yerxa, Michael Flynn
Producers: Eric Eisner, Leonid Rozhetskin, Aaron Ryder
Cinematographer: Alexander Gruszynski
Editor: Jeff Freeman
Production Designer: Anthony Fanning
Costume Designer: Jill Newell

Hamlet 2 is a late addition to the Premiere lineup for the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, but who could resist a hilarious new film that features the incredible talents of British comic actor Steve Coogan. Even in rough cut, it was clear that all the elements were present to make the world premiere at Sundance a moment to remember. Lucky audiences will unearth a comedic gem and in turn discover a very talented director in Andy Fleming.

The film is mostly set in a high school, and there are musical numbers, but any resemblance to the High School Musical franchise stops here. Irreverently zany and at times pushing the envelope of political correctness to its max, Fleming steers an all-star cast that ricochets easily between delicious dialogue and insane situations. He is not afraid of a few sight gags, either.

The plot revolves around an ex-actor, ex-user, relentless dreamer, and sometimes-delusional high school teacher played by Coogan. He has just mounted one of his infamous screen-to-stage productions—this time it’s Erin Brockovich—but the reviews aren’t all that he hoped for. When his students rebel and his job is threatened by budget cuts, he is forced to kick ambition into high gear and shoot for his ultimate dream: staging an original production of Hamlet 2, a sequel to Shakespeare’s classic. Enough for setup?—let’s just say the film takes many a twist and turn, and the finale is definitely worth the wait.

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Leonid Rozhetskin Takes a L+E Productions to the Sundance Film Festival

By leonidrozhetskin 5 Comments

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Leonid Rozhetskin had to select a film, produce
it, and finance it, but I was trying to make that “How do you get to
Carnegie Hall” joke. You know I have been rubbing shoulders with
Hollywood producer Leonid Rozhetskin. Well, it looks like Leonid Rozhetskin
and L+E Productions does a fine job of selecting scripts and projects
because I got some breaking news: the Sundance Film Festival selected L+E Productions’ Hamlet II in its premiers category.

“The Sundance Film Festival nomination of Hamlet II is not up on the Sundance website, but here’s some information about the Premiers Category: To
showcase the diversity of contemporary cinema, the Sundance Film
Festival’s Premieres program offers a selection of the latest work from
established directors and world premieres of highly anticipated films.
This is not a competitive category. It’s L+E Production’s first Sundance selection.” (More about Hamlet II)

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