Leonid Rozhetskin Takes a L+E Productions to the Sundance Film Festival

Leonid Rozhetskin had to select a film, produce it, and finance it, but I was trying to make that “How do you get to Carnegie Hall” joke. You know I have been rubbing shoulders with Hollywood producer Leonid Rozhetskin. Well, it looks like Leonid Rozhetskin and L+E Productions does a fine job of selecting scripts and projects because I got some breaking news: the Sundance Film Festival selected L+E Productions’ Hamlet II in its premiers category.

“The Sundance Film Festival nomination of Hamlet II is not up on the Sundance website, but here’s some information about the Premiers Category: To showcase the diversity of contemporary cinema, the Sundance Film Festival’s Premieres program offers a selection of the latest work from established directors and world premieres of highly anticipated films. This is not a competitive category. It’s L+E Production’s first Sundance selection.” (More about Hamlet II)

Via Chris Abraham and Friendster and Chris Abraham Online and Memes.org and Leonid Rozhetskin Hamlet II L+E Productions leonid Leonid Rozhetskin Rozhetskin Sundance Sundance Film Festival


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